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"Every Smile Tells a Story...We'd Like to Be Part of Yours."

Welcome to Taunton Dental Associates!

Taunton Dental Associates is a family dentistry focused on maintaining high standards and providing the quality dental care our patients deserve.

Strong, good-looking teeth help you eat better, look better, and feel confident about your smile. At Taunton Dental Associates, we don't just see teeth – we see patients of all ages who want to look good, feel good, and enjoy a good quality of life. Our entire team is committed to serving you in the most comfortable, efficient and up-to-date clinical environment.

We provide preventative treatment planning - including regularly scheduled teeth cleanings - specialize in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and can handle any dental emergency.

Taunton Dental Associates is located in the historic G.A.R. Building 95 Washington Street, Taunton, across from Morton Hospital.

Every smile tells a story. We'd like to be part of yours! Call us today at 508-828-9501.

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